Queens-Ferry Crossing.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Queensferry Crossing is a three-tower cable-stayed roadway bridge in Scotland, with an overall length of 2.7 kilometers (1.7 miles), and longest span of 650 meters (2,133 ft). It was built alongside the existing Forth Road Bridge, completed in 1964, and the iconic Forth Rail Bridge, completed in 1890. The crossing carries the M90 Motorway across the Firth of Forth between Edinburgh, at South Queensferry and Fife, at North Queensferry.

The bridge was opened on September 4, 2017.

BTC Scope:

BTC conducted a study to mitigate risk of Ice Accretion on Stay Cables, which proposed:

  • Inspection of the current configuration of stay cables
  • Review of design and aerodynamic characteristics of stay cables; including draft coefficient
  • Wind-tunnel modeling and testing of stay cable system to verify optimum configurations of surface modification
  • Design of surface modifications to mitigate ice accretion