Pierre Laporte Bridge.

Quebec City, Canada

The Pierre Laporte Bridge is a suspension Bridge, which spans the St. Lawrence River at Québec City, Québec, Canada. Opened in 1970, the bridge carries six (6) lanes of vehicular traffic, with a total length of 1,040.5 m and 27.4 m width. The main suspension span is 667.5 m long and each side span is 186.5 m long. Two main suspension cables, made of parallel high strength steel wires, support the bridge.

BTC Scope:

BTC provides consultancy services for the 2018 & 2020 internal inspection of the main suspension cables of Pierre Laporte Bridge. The scope of BTC’s consultancy work is to apply the BTC method to assess the remaining strength of the main suspension cables. The work includes inspection of panel openings, replacement of suspender ropes, extracting wire samples from opened panels, testing of sampled wires, and strength evaluation of the main suspension cables, based on inspection and testing results, utilizing the BTC method.

The cable Investigation comprises:

  • Unwrapping, Wedging, and Inspection of 10 Panel Length of Main Suspension Cables.
  • Replacement of Ten Suspender Ropes.
  • Removal of Cable Bands and Inspection, Wedging, and Wire Repair at the location of Cable Bands.
  • BTC provides Method Statements for the following procedures:
    • Unwrapping of main suspension cable.
    • Wedging of main suspension cable.
    • Wire sampling and Splicing.
    • Rewrapping main suspension cable.
    • BTC provided the wire sampling plan.
    • Evaluation of remaining cable strength and residual life of cables, based on BTC method.